A cataclysmic event

I’m not the me I was. I’m in a different form; I have a slightly different face, a different voice, less vision, a totally different body and, a different personality.  

                In the summer of 1998 I moved into a small, apartment like house that was on five acres of land. A portion of it was fenced for my horses and attached to the house were 23 dog kennels.        I was the manager at a no-kill animal shelter and I would go to other “kill” animal shelters and rescue adoptable animals. I, then took them back to my house and cared for them until they were ready to be put up for adoption. There were no plants in the yard so I planted roses, blooming bushes, a small tree and I tried to grow a little lawn. I loved it! I rode my horses as often as I could and I also had an ATC that I rode in Glamis and Pismo beach.   I loved to train, I trained my horses and dogs, and even my cat was kind of trained.  That was, before July 9th 2000…

                I had spent July 9th at dog beach, celebrating my nephews 6th birthday with my entire family and my sister in laws family. I had gotten their yellow lab, Maggie a toy that floats in the water and I took 2 of my 5 dogs with me that day. We spent the day having tons of fun with our dogs. Maggie running and swimming out to fetch her floating toy and the other dogs just playing in the surf.

That evening my siblings and I stopped for a bite to eat and, we all went our separate ways for home.  It wasn’t too late, around 10:00 pm; I was less than a couple miles from home when everything stopped. 

I was involved in what nearly ended my physical life and, ended my active life;   A car crash.

In a split second, I lost everything. No more horseback riding,  No more driving to my sister’s house to make or create dinner, no more going to my parents’ house to soak in a hot bath, and no more training or rescuing dogs and cats.

I suffered an incredible amount of damages to my brain and body; I spent more than four months in a coma, and a total of eight months in four different hospitals before I was released to go home. Only I could not return to life on my own; I had become irrevocably and permanently disabled. So I went home to live with my parents, without question they brought me back home and that is where I am today.  





9 thoughts on “A cataclysmic event

  1. Karen Johnson

    Jen, you are so precious…. And always will be. I remember getting the call about your accident and going to the hospital to offer any kind of support I could – even if it was just tears and hugs for your family and definately lots of prayers for you.

    Your life has certainly changed but you are still a precious child if God who is loved by do many- including me.

    One if my fondest memories is if you playing softball when I helped coach at wcs with Miss Hall. I remember a girl who was always ALL IN…. I believe you still are… Love you!!
    Mrs J (Karen)

  2. Missy Fletcher

    Wow Jen! I so remember everything that happened, but to hear it in your voice… it brings it all back! So thankful for God’s grace in saving you that night!!! You are amazing!

  3. joantav

    Jen, I know a bit about you through your mom’s blog, and I have always admired the strength both of you have. They say God has a purpose for all of us, and writing your story may just be part of yours. Thank you for sharing what must be very difficult memories with us.

  4. amyhermreck

    So am I but God has blessed us both with life so be a fighter and keep on fighting. I have all the things you have mentioned plus more. If you stick close with believing in the lord and that you will overcome certain things but do them one at a time so your not feeling overwhelmed that’s what I’ve done. I was on the back of a four wheeler not long after my college graduation now I’m stuck being on Social Security Disibility but I amd alive.


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