My Homecoming


It was March 1st, 2001 when I was released from the hospital to come home, back to my parents’ house.  My birthday is July 16th, that means I missed my birthday, “I slept through it”, so when it approached July, there was both a terrible day and a celebratory day. We decided to combine the two days. I          wanted to have a big party, to celebrate another year and my survival of that awful event in both my families and my lives. We invited everybody, my old friends, family I hadn’t seen in about twenty year, some of the new friends I met while I was in the hospital and most importantly some of the people who saved my life.

I was a sight, my hair was barely grown back, my nose was broken, I had scars across my face and neck, and, I think the freakiest thing, my one missing incisor. Yup, I was styling for sure. The Survivor/birthday party went great though, and it was really good to see how much support I still had.



3 thoughts on “My Homecoming

  1. Missy Fletcher

    Keep writing Jen! It’s so good to hear from you… you can not just live life to the fullest in a cracked vessel, but you can be used by the Lord to the fullest, even more than others in your “cracked vessel”.


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