The Crash

When a person is injured as catastrophically as I was, there is little hope that they will survive or be cognitive or still have any of their memories.

I was hit head-on; my seatbelt failed which caused my chest to hit the steering wheel, and my head and face to hit the A-frame of my car door. When my chest collided with the steering wheel, the force of that caused all the ribs on the left side of my body to break, and some of the ribs on the right. One of my lungs collapsed, and the other lung was punctured by one of the ribs, and thus, that lung filled with blood. When my head and face hit the A-frame, the impact of that caused a few different things to happen all at once; several bones in my face were broken, including my nose and left eye orbit, my face was cut in several places which caused nerve damage to the left side of my face. This sudden impact  caused my first two brain injuries one is called blunt force trauma the other called sheering, resulting from my brain being jossled around.


I was hit head on, but the collision was more to the left side of my car, which forced my engine to encroach into my cabin, crushing and trapping my left leg. I was also hit from behind. That added to the brain injuries causing additional damage to my brain stem. I am not sure which impact caused my door to blow off but, in any event, I was left hanging out of my vehicle, and that gave my dogs their way to escape.


The other people that were part of this life altering event were in shock or in another place, deceased, but a wonderful man saw me, and bravely came and gave me support. He held me up, and prayed with me; I said a couple things to him, the paramedics came and carefully took me out of my car, and then, I died…



13 thoughts on “The Crash

  1. RSquires

    We have never met, but I have heard so much about you from your Grandma & your Uncle Jim. They both said that you are a strong, amazing and beautiful woman. After reading this, I know it must be true! I can’t wait to read more about your accident, your life since and how you have come out on top. You are an inspiration!

  2. Helen Petros

    Amazing words Jenn….so powerful- I remember when this happened, hearing the details from your Uncle Jim- but now, through your words. I can feel the events as ghd happened. You ard beautiful, strong, courageous & a great writer! Helen

  3. Mom

    Your story is so powerful and you have come so far. When we see where we were it reminds us how far God has brought us!

  4. Dianna Ponting

    I “liked” this. I am very sure that “like” is not the term I would use but I am already feeling the power that will come from experiencing this through you. Bless you Jennifer.


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