Please understand.

Please understand.

                I am in a wheelchair, I cannot get out of bed at six in the morning when I first wake up and hop on my computer and write a quick blog like other bloggers can. When I do get up I need to eat something because of a medication I take three times a day tares my stomach up when I try to take it without food. I almost always have something happening, doctors, therapy, school, doctors and other miscellaneous distractions throughout the day but I am trying to write all the time. Please forgive me and bear with me.


3 thoughts on “Please understand.

  1. Dianne Whiting

    Jenn,dear- please dont feel badly about posting infrequently at times. The mere fact that you are doing this is daunting to many of us and we are proud of you for even attempting to write these things down. We know you deal daily with many things that take a lot of your time -and we also know that you will write as you can and we await your thoughts whenever it might be that you post your thoughts. Blessings to you, Jenn. Realize that you give a gift of yourself to us each time you write . Love to you, dear friend.

  2. joantav

    Jen, you just post when you can. If you post something and I miss it at that time, I will come back and catch up. It must be frustrating to want to do things and have so many things that get in your way. Take care of yourself.


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