Surgery day(s)

17 Surgeries

In order for me to progress in my recovery I would need more surgery. My foot needed to be put back in a walking position and tendons needed to be split and moved around in my foot and ankle also my stump would need revising along with my face. Although I had many bones broken in my face the only thing that they felt comfortable about fixing was my nose. Somehow we got in touch with an orthopedic surgeon, that specialized in feet and he is also one of the top back surgeons, he was so sought after that he stopped seeing new clients but he decided to see me.

The plastic surgeon that actually did all of my emergency repairs came in to revise all the scars on my face, he took away the scar that was on my neck and he fixed my nose.

My mom again had to fight; they wanted to perform the two surgeries at different times but that would have been way too risky for me.  I spent a while in a coma and I have a pretty serious brain injury and with those two factors, putting my brain to sleep would be a setback in my recovery. I wasn’t afraid to get the surgeries though; it was just the month and the day that were unfortunate.

Surgery day was set, in preparation for surgery the doctor wanted me to go to unit-lab and bank a unit of my blood just in case. So my mom and I went to the blood bank, the hospital had set up the appointment and the lab would make the transfer to the hospital for us and them. When we got there and they couldn’t take my blood because my heart rate was too high, over 100 beats per minute but after a couple hours my heart rate was just below 100 bpm and they got it, I think they might have took extra as a precaution. I was feeling fine afterwards, I ate a bag of cookies or chips that they always offer after someone gives blood and we went home. Later that afternoon my dad stopped by Subway to pick us up sandwiches for dinner, chips and a drink. I got diet Coke and he transferred it into an empty water bottle so I could hold on to it easier, I took a big swig a ended up getting a very large, very painful air bubble stuck in my esophagus, I was trying to swallow it but I forgot to breath and the next thing I remember is my dad saying my name with a bit of panic in his voice. He quickly realized what happened then he yelled for my mom to call 911. I tried to tell them what happened and that I was fine but they knew better, I guess.  Maybe they were right because I got very light headed and sick. I threw up the whole way to the hospital. I didn’t spend long in the hospital though, after a few tests I was released later that night. For me now, the simplest things become huge ordeals.

Surgery was scheduled for July third, my nephew’s birthday again. The doctor said that I would be in the hospital for about three days but how could he know that really. So the two doctors were all lined up to do surgery at the same time; one on my face and one on my legs.  The surgery lasted around eight hours; the doctor that did surgery on my leg had to split tendons and move them around on my foot and he had to shave the bone and revise the scarring on my stump.

The plastic surgeon reduced the visibility of all the scars on my face and neck along with repairing my nose.  We had to give him a few pictures of me before my nose got smashed so he could try to make my nose look somewhat like my old nose. I don’t know if that worked but since he and the orthopedic surgeon were doing surgery on me at the same time, the plastic surgeon got a piece of my tibia that the other doctor had to shave off and used that to create my new nose. How many people do you know that can say “my leg bone is connected to my nose bone?”

After the surgeries were done I woke up with a bandage on my nose and a cast that went up to my knee. The morning after my surgeries my older sister called me on my bed side phone but I couldn’t reach it so the nurse handed it to me. As she was giving me the handset she dropped it square on my nose, ouch.

They propped my casted foot up on a pillow but still The pain was intense and my foot continually spasmed into the cast not knowing what else to do they took me back into surgery  and cut the tendons in all five toes, if I could hardly move them before now I would never be able to again. He also cut the tendons on the back of both knees and the tendons in both groins, which did not do any good in my opinion.

This time when I came out of surgery I had on a full leg cast; they cut those tendons to stop the spasms but when your mind is damaged you need to calm the mind down and the best way to do that is anti-spastic medication. This time the pain in my leg was nearly unbearable, my leg was forced to stay straight and my muscles didn’t like that one bit. My thigh would cramp so bad my dad would try to get his hand under the cast and try to rub out the knot so my muscle could relax. They finally called in a neurologist and he told them to increase my baclofen Meanwhile my leg continued to spasm driving my heal into the back of the cast and although we couldn’t see with our eyes what was happening my mom knew.  She had to fight for them to listen, she repeatedly said “cut off the back of the cast”.  It was now day five and they cut a small window into my cast, that’s when they saw it,   it was too late, the damage had already been done.



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