Walk with the animals

I always knew that my future would be in animals; I didn’t know what it would be but I knew in my heart it would have something to do with animals.

At sixteen I got my first job in a pet store, my next job was in a salt water fish store, next was at an animal hospital and from there I went directly to working at the animal shelter where I quickly became manager and that would come to be the last job I would have.

In the beginning we only could except owner surrendered animals but I wanted to start taking animals from the animal control facilities so, me and one of my coworkers went to an animal shelter, we saw a dog that just looked so sad and shy that we decided we would bail her out and get her out of that situation. Not the best move on our part but we took her and we split the cost of the adoption fee and took her back to the animal shelter were we worked. We named her Destiney, she was an Old English sheepdog mix and it turned out that her “shyness” was fear. She hadn’t been well socialized and she was afraid of people but we worked with her and she found a great home. I was metaphorically bitten by the rescue bug and I would go out a couple times a week looking at the surrounding animal control’s looking for both dogs and cats to rescue.

There are a lot of animal shelters to go around looking at so every so often an animal shelter would call me and tell me that they had an animal to be euthanized and ask me if I could come to look at it before they did anything. Of course, I did but usually it didn’t get that far.

Since there were so many “pounds” to visit and I still needed to work, I would have to go to them after work or before often I would come into work late because I was looking or rescuing dogs or cats, or sometimes both.

More often than not I would be at an animal control facility and I saw an animal or animals I wanted but they were still in holding, animals that were waiting for their owners to come claim them. In that case I would write the animals impound number down on a card along with the date that they would come available and if the animal was still there, which they usually were I would get them and take them back with me.

Because I would make a list of all the animals I wanted to save some people called me Shindler

The owner of the animal shelter also owned five acres in Lake Mathews that had a small house with kennels attached, so in the summer of 1998 I moved out there. I brought my two horses and that’s where I lived rescuing dogs and cats, getting them well and ready for adoption, until July 9th 2000.jenniferandchloe

Every year I participated in the Walk with the animals, I usually would work a booth but I have never missed a single Walk, even after I was injured I kept going to the dog walks and this year I am trying to help them get to their financial goal so they can continue to save the lives of unwanted dogs and cats. Could you please help me? Here is a link to go to my donation page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jennifer-gardner-habicht/walk-with-the-animals


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