A big thank you to all my supporters!

A great Walk!!

The dog walk went well; there were no dog fights besides the small little disagreements between a couple dogs.   We saw so many different types of dogs in all sizes, shapes and colors. Walk getting ready

I saw a big, beautiful black Great Dane, an Akita, some Basset hounds and there was even a cat in a cat stroller on the walk with us.

There were lots of venders that participated; there were homemade dog biscuits and samples of dog food and professional strength cleaners along with local pet stores. The Riverside Police department was there with their dogs; they did a bite simulation and showed how they use their dogs in different fields. They talked about how their dogs are trained in many disciplines but they don’t cross disciplines. For instance, a dog that is trained in scent work is only asked to do scent work and a dog trained to apprehend a person only apprehends people. I think it is always so cool to watch a dog at work and even better because you know those dogs love it.


There is always at least one dog specific breed rescue and many barnyard animals and this year didn’t disappoint. I saw two breed rescues at this year’s walk; Golden Retriever and the Leonberger, I love this breed!


There were goats, potbelly pigs and one very proud Tom Turkey acting tough strutting his stuff.

White tom

This is one of their fundraisers that the entire community can participate in and it truly is fun for the whole family!

They gave out prizes to the top donors and I was one of the winners! I want to  GIVE A BIG THANK YOU!!! To everyone that helped me raise money! I won a new iPad..!!!

Me getting I pad

Next year I want to do it again!


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