Not all in the eyes:

Towards the end of my eight month stent in the hospital my parents had an optometrist come look at my eyes to see if he could answer the question of why my vision was so bad.   He found nothing wrong with my eyes and he said that in time he thought my vision would return come back to normal; 20/20 vision. Of course we were ecstatic at that great news but still cautious. So after I got home from the hospital my mom found a Nero ophthalmologist and in October of 2001 we drove out to the Doheny eye institute at USC in hopes of a more thorough explanation as to why I could barely see anymore.


                                I was so scared; I knew in my heart that the news would be grim so I sobbed on the long drive; like I was awaiting my own execution. The drive was long so I was able to get myself together before we saw to doctor.

The doctor was great even though the news was very bad; he explained my vision to us and why I will never again see with 20/20 eyes again.  He explained it like this: your brain is the VCR and your eyes are the television, they both work fine but the cable that connects them is damaged and cannot be fixed 100 percent.

                My heart stopped three different times at the crash scene, the longest single time was for eight and a half minutes and the way it works is that when your body’s dying but fighting to hang on your brain chooses to supply oxygen to the vital organs that you need for basic life and, both fortunately and unfortunately it selects the ones to stop sending oxygen to and one of the places that my brain forgone was my optic nerve

                At that appointment the doctor evaluated my vision to be 20/8000 in my left eye and 20/ 9000 in my right eye and started me on a medication that I will have to take indefinitely.  

He asked me to return the next year and I did and my vision improved to 20/7000 in my left eye and 20/8000 in my right. We went back a few more times annually and each time there was an improvement in my vision and then we skipped a couple years and went back in 2010 at which time my vision was greatly improved. It was no longer 20/ thousands but it was in the hundreds it was 20/900 in my right and 20/800 in my left eye. He thought that was great and told me that he didn’t expect that my vision would improve more than that but he made sure to remind me that I could never stop taking the medicine, of course.

My vision had improved so much since my waking up that him saying that didn’t bother me because I knew better. My vision has slowly but steadily continued to get better and though I may never have 20/20 eye sight again, my vision continues in the right direction; my last visit was at the end of 2012 and at that time my vision was 20/200 in my right eye and 20/100 in my left eye.  Needless to say the doctor was flabbergasted, he said that the medicine alone that I was taking couldn’t make that kind of improvement and a higher power is the only explanation for it.  Both my optic nerves had been gray from them being starved of oxygen for so long but at that visit he saw a little pink in my left optic nerve. A BIG PRAISE GOD!


I have not been back in a few years but I’m no longer overly concerned because even if my vision hasn’t improved at all, I have good friends, a great family and an Awesome God!


2 thoughts on “Not all in the eyes:

  1. Joan T

    I am so glad that your vision has improved so much. You have had such miracles and tragedies associated with your injury and recovery. You just prove that things happen if you pray and don’t give up.


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