Bio: My name is Jennifer and I have lived in Southern California my entire life. I have owned and cared for animals from my earliest memories from hamsters, to frogs; dogs, cats and many different barnyard livestock, I even milked goats. My first job was at a pet store when I was sixteen, from there I worked in a saltwater fish store and after I graduated high school I worked in an animal hospital. While I worked there I gained knowledge in the art of caring for animals. I not only did the “grunt” work but I had to be aware of every single animal that was in the hospital and their activities. I loved it! Even though it was terrible when we lost an animal, it was also amazing when a really sick animal mane a miraculous come-back to make a full recovery. Those were great days! After the animal hospital I worked at a no-kill animal shelter that underwent a massive staff change and, under the new leadership of the new Executive director I was made Shelter manager. I grew up riding horses and milking goats, I had chickens, lizards, toads and frogs, steers ands pigs that we ate and, later Shetland sheep but, this was my perfect job. I would go to “kill” shelters and rescue dogs and cats before their time was up, even pregnant ones. I lived in Lake Mathews, in a small house that had indoor/outdoor kennels… until the summer of 2000. I was catastrophically injured. I can’t do any of the things I used to love to do, I don’t have the capabilities I once had but, my passion for animals has never waned.

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